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For the past 25 years, I have endeavored to read my Bible consistently and with intentionality. This means that I have tried many different Bible reading plans. I have always wanted to focus on the whole Bible and not just specific passages or themes of the Bible, so I have naturally gravitated to an annual reading plan of some flavor. There are many really good plans if reading the complete Bible in a year is your goal. Here are a few plans I would recommend to get started.

  • 52 Week Bible Reading Plan
    This plan allows you to read through both the Old and New Testament in a year long daily format. It has you reading through one different section of Scripture every day rotating between the seven sections during the week. The format is set on a Sunday to Saturday week, so there is no designed catch-up or meditation day implemented into the plan. [Download]
  • Bible Reading Chart
    This is a simple and minimalistic plan that can be used to read at your own pace. This would be good if you feel constrained by having dates and timelines staring back at you when you look at the plan. This would be a good resource for the person who doesn’t necessarily want to adhere to a specific reading strategy or timeframe. [Download]
  • Chronological Bible Reading Plan
    This is an interesting way to read through the Bible as it allows you to follow the narrative of Scripture based on the timeline of events. So you will not necessarily read straight through an entire book, but will alternate between passages as they occur in history. Again this plan is designed to be read every day and does not allow for catch-up days. [Download]
  • ESV Daily Reading Plan
    This plan focuses on reading through four categories of writing types in the Bible (history, poetry and wisdom, prophets, gospels and epistles). This plan and the 52 week plan are similar in design and effect as it aims to give you a broad taste of the Bible daily. Main difference being you will read through a portion of each of the four sections daily. It is also designed to be used every day with no time set aside for catching up. [Download]

I have tried all of these at some point in my life and really enjoyed the way they allowed me to focus on reading more consistently and to see how the Bible is woven together. It is always interesting to see how your reading in one section plays into the other sections of reading for that day. The only issue that I have encountered with these plans is that I always felt constrained to fit within the daily reading plan. There are times throughout the year where I am not in the Word as consistently as I would desire. This would then cause some guilt to sink in as the more days I missed, the more passages would build up in my queue to read. The sheer volume of chapter accumulation would cause me to shrink away from just reading and enjoying God’s Word to just reading so I can stay on track and finish the plan.

This led me to design a plan that fit my lifestyle and desire for slower reading. I doubt that my plan is actually something that is new or unheard of. I am sure that someone in the history of reading the Bible has thought of this, but it is something I sat down and worked through for myself about six years ago. My plan is designed to achieve three goals. First, I want to be able to read from both the Old and New Testaments on a daily basis. Second, I want to read at a pace that allows me to think and meditate on what I am reading. Third, I want to build in catch-up days that allow me to make up for lost reading without getting overwhelmed.

So my plan is simply a Two Year Bible plan with the following facets.:

  • Reading is based on weekly objectives. I don’t really worry about what I am going to read each day. I focus more on what am I reading for the week. This gives me the freedom to allocate my time as my schedule allows.
  • My main objectives are to read through the Old Testament over a two year period and read through the New Testament annually.
  • This is accomplished by reading 9 Old Testament chapters a week and 5 New Testament chapters a week.

I have found using this plan that I am better able to stay on track, but I have a greater freedom to dive deeper into my reading. I typically take some time after my reading in the morning to journal through what I just read and think through the text and how it integrates and informs my life. I have found this to be amazingly helpful and beneficial as I seek to grow in my walk. I have included a PDF format of the plan below. If you’re interested, take a look and get started. Any of the plans would be a great start. It is all about getting in God’s Word and letting it permeate your life.


Download – Bible Two Year Reading Plan